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Welcome to the home page of Dingoui. The actual release is the 1.2

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Dingoui was intended to be our own GUI for a Go Playing program we started to develop as AI research lab. As we intended to make our Go program to compete with others, we faced a simple, but hard rule: due to previous troubles in the ING competition, all programs had to have their own code and in no way should reuse previous work of anybody else not belonging to the development team.
We thus started to work on our own GUI and Dingoui became life with the following features: The project has actually released the version 1.2, which is still targeted to the version 1.2.8 of GTK+. This version will NOT be further developed in the future, since we are now going to GTK+2, with a wide extended features target. The actual development status can be retrieve from the gtk.2.0 module in the CVS till the first release comes.
The following screenshot can already give an idea of how should the version 2 look like and what it will be capable of.

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NEW ! Dingoui2 alpha now available for download

Download from This site is still under construction. Enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to send your comments or suggestions to me.

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last modified: May 20, 2004